Covenant of Mayors Going East - €2.5 million Call for Proposals published


The European Commission has published a €2.5 million call for proposals for the Covenant of Mayors Going East - Supporting the participation of Eastern Partnership and Central Asian cities in the Covenant of Mayors project. The publication reference of the Call is EuropeAid/131258/C/ACT/Multi.
The global objective of the Call for Proposals is to support local authorities in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels, to improve security of their energy supply, and to allow them to contribute more actively to climate change mitigation.
The specific objective is to encourage and support local authorities in the Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries to implement a more sustainable local energy policy. As such the project supports cities that have signed up to the Covenant of Mayors.
In substance, the purpose of this call for proposals is to provide for a concrete contribution to the preparation and implementation of the Covenant-related Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) as well as to assist Local Authorities and other relevant stakeholders to address commitments of their city under the Covenant of Mayors.
The expected results of this call for proposals are:
  • Increased capacity of Local Authorities in the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asian countries, to implement climate change-related energy policies and in particular the design, development and implementation of SEAP.
  • SEAPs are developed and implemented
  • SEAP is shifted into a practical investment plan
  • Enhanced general public awareness on climate change issues
  • Small-scale financial facilities are set up at municipal level to support demonstration projects in Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy, linked to the implementation of the city SEAP
  • Completion of demonstration projects in Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy, linked to the implementation of the city SEAP
  • Lasting partnerships between local/regional authorities in the EU and in the ENPI region created, through their collaboration in the design and the implementation of sustainable urban development projects and in the framework of existing local/regional networks
Consortia that include partners from different beneficiary countries (ENP-East and the 5 mentioned Central Asian countries) are strongly encouraged.
In addition to this Call for Proposals, a Call for Tenders for a Service Contract (Tender EuropeAid/130576/C/SER/Multi) has been launched that will complement the implementation of the project "Covenant of Mayors going East".
The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is €2.5 million.
Grants awarded under this Call for Proposals must fall between a minimum amount of €300,000 and a maximum of €500,000.
The deadline for the submission of proposals is 22 July 2011. (ENPI Info Centre)
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