Tunisia: EU adopts new programme to support democratic transition

The EU has approved a new financial assistance programme worth €15 million to support the process of democratic transition in Tunisia and to implement some of the priorities recently agreed between the EU and Tunisia under the privileged partnership.
"Through this second phase of support to the Association Agreement and the transition, the European Commission expresses its confidence in the transition process undertaken since the revolution," said Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Štefan Füle. "In addition to supporting the efforts of the Tunisian authorities to sustain the democratic gains of the revolution, the EU will help the actors of civil society who have a vital role to play in creating of a state of law, defining public policy, respect of human rights, freedom of association, expression and freedom of media," he added.
With a budget of €15 million, this programme follows on the first support programme to the Association Agreement and the transition (P3AT) adopted in March 2012 with a €10 million budget, which already provided funding for eight priority actions in the following areas: constitutional process, the fight against torture, support for Tunisian radio, prevention of violence against women, protection of migrants/asylum seekers, as well as foreign currency recovery process of assets of relatives of former President Ben Ali frozen in banks abroad following the fall of regime in January 2011. It also acts as a continuation of two programmes that have supported the modernisation process: the Support Programme for the implementation of the Association Agreement (P3A) adopted in 2002 with a budget of €20 million and which includes the funding for 17 twinning activities, and the Support Programme for the implementation of the Association Agreement and the Neighbourhood Action Plan (P3A2) adopted in 2007 and endowed with €30 million which has allowed the funding of 19 twinning actions.
The new programme will finance institutional twinning operations with the administrations of EU Member States, but also technical assistance and grants to strengthen the capacity of public administrations, public institutions and civil society actors, essential partners for a successful democratic transition. The programme aims to support the implementation of the Association Agreement and the Action Plan under the privileged partnership, recently approved by the EU-Tunisia Association Council. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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