Towards Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean: Jordan to host 11th FEMIP Conference

The European Investment Bank’s 11th FEMIP Conference, due to take place in Amman on 26 April 2012, will focus on the means to promote sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean and meeting people’s expectations in terms of job creation and long-term development in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.
The one-day conference, organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan, is addressed to tourism professionals, policy makers, tour operators, hotel and tourism associations, airlines, travel agencies as well as representatives from the banking sector.  
By presenting case studies and success stories from around the Mediterranean and beyond, the event will challenge businesses and governments to address sustainability issues in the tourism sector.
The Programme of the conference will tackle various aspects related to the tourism sector, including identifying trends and market potential for tourism in the Mediterranean, planning and building sustainable tourism infrastructure, promoting ecotourism, responding to financing needs and seizing investment opportunities, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of the tourism sector.
A press release from the EIB said the tourism industry could no longer ignore environmental concerns such as climate change and water scarcity which are currently facing the Mediterranean region. Appropriate policies need to be developed, possibly involving difficult choices and large investments, if the future of tourism in the region is to be safeguarded.
Conference participation is free and upon invitation only. Interested parties can use the attached form to apply for an invitation. (ENPI Info Centre)
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